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Banned from BBS

2009-04-07 00:08:49 by alejanpli5

Knew i shouldn't have said that...

Well, i didn't.
Bah, it's for one day.

EDIT: YAY! less than a day left! 23 hours)


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2009-04-07 00:47:13

Who banned ya, what didja say?

alejanpli5 responds:

I said "I like to make fun of him [a troll]" in a troll thread. Don't know who banned me. I deserved it though.


2009-04-07 01:52:31

lol OH NOES!! a single day of no posting on the BBS! thats the least they can do to me.

alejanpli5 responds:

Did i say "OGM OGM I CANT POST IN BBS OH TEH NOES"? Nope, i wasn't whining, i was just telling you.

BTW, 1 day, 1 hour, 51 minutes left.


2009-04-07 02:44:59

what happened??